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About Magic Uniforms

The story goes back to the end of the 80s, when an old man named Muñoz sold his business to the Santos López Family; who in honor of him called La Tienda, LOS VIEJITOS UNIFORMS CENTER in Rio Piedras.

Making a promise to the old man of low prices and good service, Don Alfredo Santos who was a cutter by profession and Doña Doris López, seamstress; they will manufacture their uniforms and deliver on their promise of prices and services.

In 1995, Alfredo Santos dies, leaving his wife Doris in front. In 2004, she opened a second locality in the town of Bayamón and a few months after one of her daughters was established, she bought it. In 2005 Los Viejitos Uniforms Centers # 2 changed its name to Magic Uniforms, who continues to fulfill that promise that one day his father made to that old man.


Position ourselves in the brand as a successful and responsible company with recognition in our products, service, price and quality.


Dress the professional and the student, in all their needs, meeting their expectations every day.


It is one committed to serving our clients looking for the best options and service always.

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